Blood Centers of America (BCA) is the largest blood supply network in the U.S., uniquely positioning us to sustain, advocate and mobilize for the nation’s blood supply. Our 60+ independent community blood centers collect and distribute over 50% of the nation’s blood supply, delivering reliable service with a profound commitment to the communities we serve. Pairing our deep local knowledge and extensive national network allows us to expand services, resources and cost savings for customers – and make investments in our communities.

Supporting our communities

Locally and nationally, BCA lends our expertise by:
Educating and recruiting donors through partnerships and BCA-led initiatives
Advocating for patient-centered policy and care management, including the blood4me transfusion campaign
Mobilizing during rapid response crises across the country


Recently, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have helped spur lifesaving donations of convalescent plasma, which carries infection-fighting antibodies from people who have recovered from COVID-19. BCA also has provided extensive back-office and supply chain support for the plasma donated across the U.S. and supported the federal response through Operation Warp Speed.

Serving our members

For over 35 years, BCA has leveraged our purchasing power to connect our members with top contracts with the nation’s most sought after suppliers. This has equated to over $420 million in aggregated savings across the membership over the past 3 years alone – savings that members are able to pass along to customers.
Each member is a non-profit organization typically with multiple physical facilities totaling over 365 fixed sites and over 1000 mobile sites with each member employing 100-700 employees, utilizing thousands of volunteers. These locations distribute necessary blood components and cell therapy raw materials to healthcare and life-science organizations in the United States and around the world.

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