Blood Centers of America 1300 Division Road Suite 102 West Warwick, RI 02893 Phone: 401.381.0600 Fax: 401.381.0016 Email: To contact any of our staff, call the main phone number and ask for them by name or explain your need and our staff will be happy to direct you to the correct person. For inquiries on the following topics, the person listed is your best resource for information:

Accounting Services Marie DeQuattro
Biological Sourcing Gena Swisher
Blood And Blood Products  
Cell Therapy Gena Swisher
Cells Lisa Shaffer
Client Relations Lisa Shaffer
Communications Jennifer Ficenec
Consulting Services Jennifer Ficenec
Contractual Support Jennifer Ficenec
Dashboard Access Or Issues Greg Bishop
Data Services Jennifer Kapral
Disaster Response Jennifer Kapral
Group Purchasing Contracts Sam Keith
IRB Gena Swisher
Marketing Jennifer Ficenec
Leadership Jennifer Ficenec
Membership Benefits Jennifer Ficenec
National Blood Contracting Jennifer Kapral
New Business Opportunities Lisa Shaffer
Networking Jennifer Ficenec
Phenotyped RBCs For Reagents Jimmy Lowery
Plasma Jennifer Ficenec
Process Optimization Jennifer Ficenec
Resource Sharing  
Sales Jennifer Ficenec
Special Collections Lisa Shaffer
Supplier Information Jennifer Ficenec
Supplier Relations Lisa Shaffer
Tissues Lisa Shaffer
Vendor Qualification Gena Swisher
Website Issues Greg Bishop
To Praise and Thank the BCA Staff Bill Block