In addition to each member’s own sales team, BCA provides sales and sales support for selling its members’ products and services.

BCA complements member sales efforts by:

  • providing a centralized conduit for potential clients to source products and services
  • identification and pursuit of new clients for member products and services
  • marketing of member products and services
  • identification and pursuit of new industry segments, applications, and markets for member products and services
  • optimizing BCA’s and its members’ profile among its sales target segments to ensure BCA is well-positioned vis-à-vis its competitors
  • providing requested assistance with bidding, negotiating, contracting, and contract management


    • BCA does marketing and communications to optimize its members profile in target industry segments
    • BCA participates in sales target industry conferences as networking attendees, exhibitors, and/or speakers
    • BCA published in sales target industry publications
    • BCA has dedicated sales staff in the emerging market of cell therapy to identify and pursue potential new clients in that sector

If you would like to speak to someone about how BCA might assist your center’s sales efforts, contact Jennifer Ficenec.