BCA provides access to services around optimizing its members’ execution, operations, and inventory.

BCA members have determined that the BCA team can best assist their operations through centralized support of:

  • Group Purchasing. BCA’s most established value program for members is that of providing group purchasing benefits obtained by negotiating supply agreements with over 60 suppliers of critical products and services to members. The volume discounts obtained through these group purchasing agreements are enjoyed by all members.
  • Group Contracting. Where clients require more product or service than a single member can provide, BCA offers clients the option of contracting for the supply of a product or service from multiple member centers (selected or not by the client itself as per their preference) through a single contract managed centrally.
  • Supplier Information. BCA is committed to encouraging a vibrant, interactive relationship between industry suppliers and its members by facilitating an ongoing exchange of the latest information between suppliers and member centers.
  • Data Services. By collecting data from each of its member centers, BCA is able to provide data aggregation, syntheses, and analysis that assists the group collectively and each member center individually to identify ways to optimize their operations.

If you would like to discuss one of these operations programs with BCA, contact Lisa Shaffer.