Blood is a complex substance made up of many components. Each component has an important function, with corresponding characteristics and requirements for storage and handling. BCA Blood Centers can provide blood components to fit any need.

Blood Products components are routinely manufactured to meet the following specifications for clinical transfusion. Modifications in production, volume, storage, and age can be made to produce the ideal product for further manufacture or research and development:

Platelets, a vital component of blood, are primarily responsible for cessation of bleeding by forming blood clots.

Plasma is what remains when cellular components are removed from anti-coagulated blood.  Not only is plasma the liquid conduit for carrying cells and oxygen to every other cell in the body, it is rich in nutrients and proteins necessary to those cells.


If you are interested in discussing your platelet or other blood component needs with BCA, please contact Gena Swisher.

If you are interested in discussing your Plasma needs with BCA, please contact Jennifer Ficenec.


Products Available include:

Apheresis Platelets (Single Donor Platelets) Fresh Frozen Plasma Cryoprecipitate
Whole Blood Platelets (Random Donor Platelets Apheresis Plasma Pooled Cyroprecipitate
Pooled Platelets Cryo-reduced Plasma  
Custom Collections Recovered Plasma  
  Source Plasma  
  Infrequent Source Plasma  
  Custom Collections Custom Collections